Employee Profiles

Engaged men and women serving our customers



26 years in the company

From the age of 4, I only had one idea in mind: to drive a truck. It was therefore not a coincidence to start working for Désert when I was 16 years and 4 months old. We share a passion for work well done, and we are committed to having a good image on the road and with our customers.


Transport Operator

12 years in the company

Every day, my delivery schedule represents a new challenge: plan each order in conjunction with resources I have, according to technical and logistical constraints, as well as the customer’s requirements. We owe them reactivity!


Workshop Manager

37 years in the company

At Désert, I appreciate everyone's communication, trust, and responsibility, and the quality of work well done. We work in the company’s interest, and in the end the company and each individual grows.

France GOYER

Accounts Manager

9 years in the company

DESERT is a family company which sets itself objectives and the resources to achieve them. People are open-minded and available. In my position, I like the rigour and diversity needed in order to fulfil each mission.



10 years in the company

My job is simply the pleasure of driving, driving responsibly for the environment, conveying a good image of the company and above all, serving the customers. I also enjoy meeting new people every day and discovering new regions…


Safety instructor & advisor

32 years in the company

What’s most important for me as an instructor, is seeing drivers master economical driving techniques, as well as the techniques to unload pneumatic tanks, and sensing they are well integrated in the company.


Operations officer

21 years in the company

Satisfying our customers while respecting the different constraints is my priority. Thanks to the cohesion and enthusiasm of our team, I can quickly and efficiently meet their requirements.


Administrative secretary

16 years in the company

What I appreciate in my job is the diversity of the work to do each day as well as the contact with the drivers.

Anthony HEUDE


13 years in the company

I always like to do the best I can. To do so, one keyword: anticipation! I plan what is ahead of me and find solutions for potential problems, so work is always well done in order for the customers and my superiors to be satisfied. Incidentally, for managing eco-driving, the same applies: anticipation!


Management controller

10 years in the company

What I’m particularly fond of in the Désert company, is the professionalism of my colleagues combined with their friendliness. Moreover, I can do my job with rigour, methodology and autonomy, which leads to success.

Engaged men and women serving our customers