The DESERT group has 400 associates, including 330 drivers and 300 vehicles. It achieves 90% of its activity on the dry bulk business, and ensures daily deliveries all over France, but also to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, the United-Kingdom and Benelux.
Development of our dry bulk business in Central and Eastern France.
Sale of the bulk transport of bulk goods by tipper lorry business.
Takeover of the Argentais Transport company in St Jacques de la Lande, which in turn joins the DESERT group.
It is then Sylvain DESERT’s turn to take over the management of the company. In October 2010, the Trans-Ouest company, based in Étrelles, joins the group.
1978 à 2009
Gilles DESERT becomes director of Transports DESERT. The company grows from 50 to 250 associates and from 40 to 180 trucks. The first external growth happens in 2005 when the company takes over the powder products transport activity of the Transports Antoine company, followed by Transports Pitois in 2007.
Théo DÉSERT sells the grain merchant business.
Creation of a separate company for public transport activities, Transports DESERT LLC, with Bernard DESERT as manager. A garage and office are built on the existing plant La Guerche de Bretagne.
1950 1960
France needs rebuilding. From a private transporter, Théo DESERT becomes a public transporter with 3 trucks. The Lafarge cement plant of Saint Pierre La Cour entrusts him with the transport of cement bags around the Atlantic area. Cement is thereupon transported in bulk tankers for delivery to concrete plants; this marks a new opportunity for the company which will orientate its development towards this new market.

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