Pension information meeting run by CARSAT

On Saturday 17 September 2016 between 9:30am and 12pm, a pension information meeting was held, run by CARSAT BRETAGNE (general social security pension scheme) and KLESIA (supplementary pension scheme).

All of the group employees aged 55 and above (TPS DESERT, DESERT SERVICES, TRANS OUEST, ARGENTAIS TRANSPORTS and RSPL) were individually invited.

Organised as part of one of the generation contract commitments, this meeting’s purpose was to inform attendees about pension rules.

The presentation was divided into three parts:

  • How to acquire more quarters for ones future pension.
  • Retirement mechanisms (including the recent “Hollande” decree) and the decrees which have been announced.
  • The procedures to undertake.

Around forty participants attended and all appreciated the helpfulness of such meetings, which will be repeated every two years.