In the interests of providing outstanding quality to our customers, we are in a continuous process of improvement and meet the following French and international standards:

  • MASE certification (management of the company’s health, safety and environment)
  • QUALIMAT/GMP certification for the transportation of raw materials for pet food
  • Application of the HACCP standard for a preventive approach to food safety

Quality: is also training

Initial Training

Our drivers are recruited according to stringent requirements. They are then trained by “mentor” drivers who will pass on the principles and instructions required for the activity for which they have been hired (foodstuffs or non-foodstuffs). They are additionally trained in the use of the specific material that they will be entrusted with.

Finally, the driver will be evaluated by one the trainers of our team who will validate the training period.

Each new driver will receive a manual. In this manual, the driver will find all the rules to be followed and will answer any question he/she may have during the different phases of the job. This manual also helps him/her to adopt the correct reflexes in the event of an incident or accident.

Follow-up training

Our drivers are regularly audited by our QHSE/training team to ensure that correct practices are adopted.

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