Getting the new SCANIA NTGs up and running

Nouveaux camions de la marque SCANIA, vue de côté

Since 2014, date from which the first EURO6’s were launched on the market, we have carried out multiple tests with different manufacturers: MERCEDES, DAF, RENAULT and SCANIA to improve the definition of our road tractors. Thanks to our drivers who were involved in these tests, we found a compromise between driving comfort and fuel consumption which brought satisfaction to all.

Today, still as part of our policy of reducing our environmental impact, the tests continue with our two “test-drivers”: Ronan and Benjamin. They are the first to deliver to our customers with the new Scania vehicle: The New Truck Generation (NTG). These models, equipped with a highline cab and unparalleled comfort already seem to be meeting the demands of the market.

To be continued …